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Party Helpers

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Muffetta’s Goshen, Greenwood Lake, Middletown, Monroe, Warwick and Central / Southern Orange County NY party helpers will enable you to be prepared for any occasion. Having a few guests over for cocktails and h’orderves and want to enjoy yourself? We at Muffetta’s know how to help. Why be distracted from your guests, running in and out of the kitchen? You can’t chat with your friends while your picking up dirty dishes, glasses and drink-ware can you?

Courteous & Pro-Active

Our Orange County NY party helpers come highly recommended, just read our reviews. The staff is very courteous and warm. The party helpers will arrive in black pants and white shirts if that is appropriate. They will be at your home ahead of schedule so you won’t have to worry from the very start. All party helpers are screened and trained. We don’t train our staff to ‘do’ just the obvious. It’s all about being pro-active and looking ahead, looking around, and we stress that skill to all of our employees.

Party Help that helps with everything

Need help warming the appetizers or putting the drinks in the fridge? Would you like us to iron the tablecloth and then set the table? Maybe all of the good china that you want to use and the special glasses in the cabinet are dusty and need to be washed. Should we greet your guests at the door, take their coat and show them to the living room? Can we arrange the hors d’oeuvres on a serving tray and then offer them to your guests? Maybe we could be in the kitchen heating up the main course, preparing serving dishes while you sit and chat with some old or new friends.

Muffetta’s Goshen, Greenwood Lake, Middletown, Monroe, Warwick and Central / Southern Orange County NY Party Helpers will do it all!
Not only will we amaze you during the occasion but we will continue to impress when it’s all over.
After the party we will pickup all the dirty dishes, wash them, and put them away.
Remove the tablecloth and wash it if needed. We’ll then clean your kitchen and touch up the bathrooms. When you wake up the next morning all you’ll have are wonderful memories of an extremely enjoyable get together at your home. And there will be no mess.

Call Muffetta’s Domestic Assistants for all of your domestic needs. Our party helpers will simply amaze you.

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