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Green House Cleaning

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Green House Cleaning Services in Orange County NY

Toxic cleaning agents abound on the market today. From Bleach to numerous other toxic cleaning agents, we strive to protect you from these extremely unhealthy concoctions. Most commercial cleaning products are extremely dangerous to you, your family and your pets.

Muffetta’s takes the health of your family, your pets and our employees very seriously. That’s why our Green house cleaning service uses worry-free, eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning solutions to clean up the dirt in your home. Our green cleaning products allow you to come home to a fragrant, pleasant smelling home instead of the smell of toxic cleaning chemicals. Muffetta Naturals manufactures a number of the products we use and our clients absolutely love them. A number of our clients actually insist that we use nothing but Muffetta Naturals products for their green house cleaning appointments.

Green House Cleaning Products

Muffetta Naturals green house cleaning, biodegradable products use all-natural herbs including cinnamon, eucalyptus, mint, lavender, rosemary, sage, lemon, thyme, neem and pimento extracts. Our green cleaning products are made with herbs, minerals and infused with organic essential oils to create a safe, fragrant and worry-free cleaning experience. Unlike most household cleaners found in stores, these non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients pose no threat to your health or the environment. Using gentle, effective herbal cleaning blends will not only clean your home but they will leave a clean scent that freshens the air along with some wonderful aromatherapy in the process. These environmentally friendly cleaners contain no ammonia, no strong irritants, and no petroleum-based chemical and are not tested on animals.

You may use your preferred choice of non-toxic cleaning products. We are committed to using authentic, safe and environmentally responsible products for a healthy home.

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