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Cleaning Sponges – House Cleaning Orange County NY

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Sponges sort of gross me out, do they gross you out? Millions of germs are hiding and living in that thing. For scrubbing I prefer the sponges that have the rough side on them, they seem to work best for harder / dirtier surfaces. The problem is that I always throw them out before they are completely used because they STINK! Here’s a great solution. Dampen the sponges fairly well and then put them in the microwave on high for a minute or two and you can see the dirt and filth just bubble out of them. It’s AWESOME – =)
Be very careful when taking the sponges out of the microwave though, they can be extremely hot and you could burn yourself. I usually put them in a bowl with some water to ‘clean’ them, then take the bowl out and put it in the sink and run cold water on it until they sort of cool down.
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