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Sponges sort of gross me out, do they gross you out? Millions of germs are hiding and living in that thing. For scrubbing I prefer the sponges that have the rough side on them, they seem to work best for harder / dirtier surfaces. The problem is that I always throw them out before they are completely used because they STINK! Here’s a great solution. Dampen the sponges fairly well and then put them in the microwave on high for a minute or two and you can see the dirt and filth just bubble out of them. It’s AWESOME – =)
Be very careful when taking the sponges out of the microwave though, they can be extremely hot and you could burn yourself. I usually put them in a bowl with some water to ‘clean’ them, then take the bowl out and put it in the sink and run cold water on it until they sort of cool down.
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Bellvale, Blooming Grove, Campbell Hall, Central Valley, Chester, Cornwall, Cornwall on Hudson, Florida, Goshen, Greenwood Lake, Harriman, Highland Mills, Middletown, Monroe, Montgomery, New Hampton, New Milford, New Windsor, Orange County, Sugar Loaf, Tuxedo, Tuxedo Park, Warwick, Washingtonville

Muffetta’s House Cleaning Orange County, NY

Muffetta’s House Cleaning Westchester County, NY

There are currently over 200 reviews on Angie’s List. We have been THE top rated cleaning service in the Westchester area for the last 6 years in a row! And now our office is open in Orange County New York to offer our exceptional house cleaning services and other domestic services to the central / southern Orange County NY area!

Muffetta’s House Cleaning Orange County, NY

We will be adding our reviews to this site at the rate of about 2/week.
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Harris Nov 7 Orange county ny house cleaning r

Description Of Work

We have a two bed-room apartment that hadn’t been deeply cleaned in awhile. In addition, we had reason to believe that there might be some allergen in the apartment because of repeated “colds” that one of us kept having. We decided to get a professional cleaning agency to come in at the same time that we had our rugs done. Enter Muffetta’s Orange County NY House Cleaning.

Member Comments Orange County NY House Cleaning

I called Muffetta’s and get a rapid reply and scheduled a convenient appointment for a few days later. We opted to have two cleaners from Muffetta’s Orange County NY House Cleaning for four hours. They arrived on time and were friendly and trustworthy.
The apartment was spotless when we returned. I had been somewhat concerned about the cost estimate but we got good value because once I saw the apartment in the condition we’d moved into two years ago I remembered what it was supposed to look like. Thank you, Muffetta’s Orange County NY House Cleaning!

Muffetta’s Orange County NY House Cleaning Service Comments

We are so grateful for our many loyal and kind clients who leave a review for us.
We’ve recently opened a new office in Greenwood Lake to provide house cleaning to the Orange County NY area. We are top rated for house cleaning on Angie’s List and Google.
Whether you are interested in Monthly, Weekly, Bi-Weekly or daily service, Muffetta’s Orange County NY House Cleaning Service will be there on the day and time that suites your schedule. Our goal its to provide our customers with unparalleled service. Both on the phone during the intake process and in the field thru our staff. All of our staff are vetted and are bonded and insured. Give Muffetta’s Orange County NY House Cleaning a call. We do your Chores RIGHT!

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Muffetta’s Orange County NY House Cleaning. We do your Chores RIGHT!

Muffetta’s House Cleaning Orange County, NY

Muffetta’s Domestic Assistants has been voted BEST of the BEST in Serendipity’s Jan/Feb 2014 Best of Fairfield and Westchester Counties issue. We’ve now opened our new office in Orange County NY to provide exceptional house cleaning and housekeeping to Monroe, Middletown, Warwick, Greenwood Lake, Goshen and most of central / southern Orange County NY!

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Orange County NY’s finest house cleaning, housekeeping and domestic services!

Muffetta’s has received the Angie’s List Super Service Award for the 5th consecutive year! Only service providers in the top 5% of the category of house cleaning & housekeeping receive this much coveted award. Customer satisfaction, phone interviews and written reviews from our house cleaning & housekeeping clients are all taken into consideration. Muffetta’s is consistently rated an overall ‘A’.

Orange County NY House Cleaning Housekeeping Services Warwick Monroe

#1 in House Cleaning & Housekeeping Customer Service

We at Muffetta’s work very hard to make your experience with us enjoyable. From the first call you make, to the staff arriving at your home and introducing themselves, to the follow-up call from the owner, to the electronic credit card billing or the emailed invoice… we strive to make all of these processes pain free. We believe that is why we keep getting such great reviews. To date we have over 210 reviews and almost all of them are overall A’s. By the way Angie’s List is a great place to find service providers. Anything from plumbers to roofers to carpenters to house cleaning & housekeeping companies can be found there. The best part is that you can read reviews left by real people, no stuffing the ballot box here. The reviews are ‘vetted’ by Angie’s List staff ensuring that they are all real. I promise you, all of the reviews left for our company, Muffetta’s Domestic Assistants, were left by real clients who had a great experience with us.

OH, and if you sign up for Angie’s List tell them that Muffetta’s sent you! We’ll give you 10% off of your next house cleaning once we get the notice from Angie’s List!

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Muffetta's Domestic Assistants House Cleaning & Housekeeping Services Housekeeper Orange County

Housekeeper Orange County

Muffetta’s helped us out on short notice when we needed a housekeeper. They went out of their way to fulfill our housekeeping needs. Angie or Troy came by regularly to check if the work was done according to our standards. They are very professional and provide great housekeepers in Orange County on short notice and at reasonable cost. I would definitely recommend them!

Member Comments Re:Housekeeper Orange County

It went very well

Muffetta’s Housekeeping Service Comments

This client was so pleasant to work with which really makes our job so much easier.
Their previous housekeeper that they had for years became unavailable very suddenly to their surprise. They called me on a Monday late in the afternoon inquiring about our housekeeper availability. We spoke for over 30 minutes all the while documenting every aspect of what they were looking for in a housekeeper. When we were done speaking I went thru our database of housekeeping staff in Orange County and found the perfect match. Our staff member was at their house on Tuesday morning and the client could not have been happier.

Muffetta’s Housekeeper Training

The owner, Muffetta personally trains every one of our housekeepers. From the smallest, say replenishing the Q-Tips in the bathroom, to the largest, meticulously making the beds, no detail is overlooked. Our Housekeepers can do your laundry exactly the way you like it. Make the beds your preferred way, sign for packages, put away groceries, attend to the dry cleaning, take phone calls, we can do anything that will make your life easier. Muffetta takes great pride in our housekeepers excellence. Once a new assignment has been made she is in close touch with the client to see that all needs are being met and she also personally stops at the clients house to inspect the work that is being done. With all this said, if you are looking for a housekeeper in Orange County: it is a truth that ‘We do your chores right!’

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happy customer

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